The Prespa Forum Dialogue (PFD) is a platform created by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia to enable countries, leaders, organizations, and citizens to build long-term relationships and strengthen partnerships.

Drawing from the results and experiences that contributed North Macedonia to develop into a modern, democratic and multi-ethnic state founded on European values, the PFD aims to inspire and promote good-neighborly relations and cooperation. It is envisioned as a place for exchanging views and ideas on possible solutions to outstanding bilateral issues, thus assisting governments, institutions and the civil society, including the youth, in the consistent implementation of the spirit and letter of the signed bilateral and regional agreements.

The PFD participants will have a unique opportunity, with their discussions, assessments, and proposals, to put a personal stamp to strengthening the stability of the Western Balkans region, to enrich the regional cooperation, and to project a positive image of the region within its European integration and international context.